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An unspoilt paradise, Radang is a tropical island in Peninsular Malaysia still untouched by the mass tourism; most of the tourists come from Kuala Lumpur for a week-end escape to relax and enjoy its amazing nature and the beauty of the marine environment, which is part of a protected park. A few metres deep, a true paradise opens up to the lucky snorkelers, who can enjoy of countless multicolours fishes and an amaizing coral reef!
All resorts on the island offer guided snorkelling or diving trips as part of the vacation package, renting the equipment to safely experience the marine life and taking tourists to the most beautiful bays and sites around the island.

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Marine Park Centre is the most popular  snorkelling site on a close island; it can be overcrowded with tourists in the high season and week-ends, yet it offers an unforgettable snorkelling experience: this site has the largest concentration of  fishes of the area probably due to the fact that many visitors feed them; it’s amazing to stand still in the water surrounded by hundreds of fishes waiting for food handouts!
For those who prefer sunbathing, Redang offers incredible white beaches  where to rest enjoying the tropical view and, just a few steps from the main beach, there’s a delimited area dedicated to snorkelling. You just have to dive into the clear water to experience the incredible beauty of the marine life!
How to reach the island and where to stay
Redang is easy to reach thanks to the many connections possibilities from ferries to private boats to the daily flights of Berjaya Airlines from KL (the old airport close to the city).
There are 13 resorts at Redang to suit every budget and preference, ranging from budget resorts to 5 star resorts, for a complete list please have a look here.