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Waiting for a trip is a trip itself, when you look for inspiration and start imagining the places you’re soon going to visit.
In this cold yet sunny December morning, I think about my next trip to Turin and surf around Natale a Torino website taking notes of the most appealing Christmas events I can’t miss.
Reading the headlines I find out the every year this time Turin is lit up by the Luci D’artista(Artists’ Lights), an open air exposition with many works made of lights realized by famous artists, alongside with two new creations of this year: Ancora una volta (Once again) by Valerio Berruti and Luci in Bici (Lights on Bikes) by Martino Gamper. 
I see myself walking around the city with my trusted reflex camera and tripod trying to catch the magic of the lights.

I’m also intrigued by The Presepe (nativity Scene) by Emanuele Luzzati, set in Piazza Carlo Felice up to the 13thof January : a colourful combination of themes and sacred figures from the Christmas story and fairy tale characters.

And then the Ice Route, along which many ice sculptors will create shapes and profiles inspired by the symbols of Turin: The Turin Coat of Arms in Piazza Castello on the 5thof December, the Mole Antonelliana in Piazza Emanuele Filiberto on the 12thof December , up to two large Father Christmas sculptures realized by the Chinese Artists from the twin town of  Harbin on the 29th and 30th of December in Piazza Carlo Alberto. 

And if ice reminds you of skating, then the Ice Skating Ring in Piazza Carlo Alberto open during Christmas Holiday is what you’re looking for!

For more traditional Christmas atmospheres,
Piazza Castello will host the Cirque Carillon show, a lively merry-go-round played by Cirko Vertigo whose artists will amaze and thrill spectators with their acrobatic performances. Shows will go on stage every Saturday and on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and Epiphany and each one  will have a different theme – clowns, angels, fairies, aviators, Christmas, burlesque, dragons and, finally, a mix  of all seven previous shows.
These are only some of the many events during Christmas time, which seem the perfect background and soundtrack  to the many tourist and cultural attractions the Turin offers.