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 Even though not as popular as other South East Asia destinations, Malaysia is the perfect place for those who long for a vacation in close contact with nature. Thanks to  an extraordinary flora e fauna, beautiful forests and of the most stunning and famous dive sites on the earth, Malaysia offers a five star vacation in true nature sanctuaries.

Every trip starts from Kuala Lumpur, the exotic yet modern main city that represents the futurist face of the country. Its skyline is marked by many high skyscrapers, beginning from the world famous Petronas Towers. KL, as it’s called by locals, is a pleasant place where to spend a couple of days hanging around visiting the many open air markets or beautiful and luxury malls with the most famous designers boutique.

After a visit to the main city, it’s easy to reach the many natural sites which are just with a short domestic flight away.

 For those who want to taste the atmosphere of old English colonization, Cameron Highlands are the perfect place to enjoy the tiny tea plantations, staying at one of the beautiful resort  on the hills, sipping a tea while admiring the landscape, in a perfect combination between the exotic atmosphere of the place and the English style.
For those who prefer to penetrate the rainforest, there’s a wide option. Besides Taman Negara National Park, in the Paninsular Malaysia, Borneo has many national parks where you can have different trekking tours, from beginners to advanced levels. In Sarawak, Bako National Park is one of the most famous; it’s very close to Kuching, the main city of the region and a very nice town where you can taste the atmosphere of old Indochine.

Mulu National Park is another nature sanctuary immersed in the rainforest, that can be reached only by air since there are no roads that connect the park to the costal city of Miri.
Sabah, the other region of Malaysian Borneo, offers many other possibilities to get in touch with its extraordinary flora e fauna, with parks rich of plants and animals, most of which can be found only here, as proboscis monkeys or Orangutans, that can be met in Sepilok Rehabilitation centre, close to Sandakan.
Sabah is very rich of rivers too, as Kinabatangan: on its shores a wide range of animals such as crocodiles, elephants, monkeys and many others can be easily spot just having a river cruise.
Malaysia is a paradise also for sun lovers and divers!
Among the islands in Peninsular Malaysia, on the eastern coast Perenthian Islands are tropical gems with wonderful white beaches and crystal water and a stunning marine life. Redang  is another beautiful island just south of Parenthian. Tioman is famous for its Polynesian style and for the beautiful dive sites, as well as the many islands just south of Tioman, as Sibu and Besar.
If you think that Malaysia has only budget accommodations, then you should stay in one of the beautiful resorts in Sabah, in the Semporna Archipelago, offering luxury bungalows on water for a perfect island retreat. Sipadan island is the queen of this site and is famous as one of the best diving sites of the planet. Here you may dive with turtles as well with many other colourful marine creatures!
Malaysia is a treasure to discover, what are you waiting for?
Travel guide
Trasport: All main airlines offer flight to KL. For domestic flights you may book Malaysia Airline or try one of the many low cost airlines. Air Asia is the best with connections with all main tourist destinations and Borneo at very affordable prices, especially if booked well in advance.
Accommodation: Malaysia offers every type of accommodation, from budget rooms to extra luxury resorts. Surf the web to find your best option or write me for any suggestion