Although it’s been a few years since I visited Malta , I still have a vivid memory in my mind. The stunning colours of this beautiful island, where the traces of the ancient Europoean history mingle with Africa’s breath , are still ingrained in my memory.
When I think of Malta, the first image that comes to my mind are high honey-colored cliffs plunging into a cobalt blue sea and the peace and quiet of its villages.
Due to its history and nature , Malta can add interest to a beach vacation and fun to a cultural holiday, as in one day you can go from white beaches kissed by the sun to cities and monuments that hod centuries of history within their walls.
Wherever you go, architecture and nature will follow you in an endless harmony that makes this island so special. It takes just a short flight from Italy to be immersed in its extraordinary views.

The more I think about it , the more beautiful images related to the different attractions of Malta come to my mind.

Do not miss Valletta, one of the finest natural harbors in the Mediterranean. Its long streets lined with tall buildings with clothes hanging out to dry in the sun remind me of the southern Italian cities, but its extraordinary architecture and archeology tell a story of many dominations . Valletta offers culture, history and a dash of mystery thanks to the legendary Knights of Malta, who built the city back in 1565, and the many civilizations that lived here.
Valletta’s walls are still the largest in the Mediterranean , a defensive fortification that protected the city against siege .
The Co-Cathedral of St. John is another emblem of Valletta; The beautiful church where the Knights were awarded their title, boasts baroque decorations , paintings and magnificent carved stones.

If Valletta is teeming with life at any time of the day thanks to its harbor and the many restaurants and cafes, Mdina , the old capital of Malta is quiet, as to be called “the silent City” . I recall the high defensive walls that enclose the medieval village and the quietness of its alleys where to walk slowly, admiring the many craft shops scattered along the streets. The city is situated on a hill in the center of Malta and its walls offer stunning views over the island .

And then I remember the beaches , colorful and beautiful, some popular and crowded with people ,others secluded bays off the tourist trails where you can enjoy solitude in the natural scenery . The Golden Bay, made of soft and warm sand, or Gnejna Bay, surrounded by high cliffs of white rocks ; the spectacular Peter’s Pool, a cliff away from it all which circles a natural pool of crystal water. Imgiebah on the east coast, quite difficult to reach but with beautiful amber sand and the sea of many shades of blue.

Malta is a small archipelago including the island of Gozo, with its many beaches and small fishing villages , and Comino , a destination for nature trails.
Gozo in particular , the second largest island after Malta , also has an interesting main town , Rabat (in arab and Victoria in Maltese ): dominated by the fortress of the Citadel , from which you can enjoy the view all around; It’s a city rich in historical monuments as the Sanctuary of Ta ‘ Pinu.

Comino is uninhabited but frequented by many tourists who come to walk along the trekking trails that cross it . Both Gozo and Comino offer many beaches and unique natural environments , surrounded by the Mediterranean vegetation and overlooking a clear blue sea.
The best way to see the coast is from a boat to get to the most spectacular spots . In Gozo you can reach Dwejra Bay with the Azure Window , a natural arch of rock created by millions of years of geological phenomena which is today the most famous icon of the Maltese Islands .
In Comino there is the Blue Lagoon, a narrow channel that amazes swimmers with its intense blue waters.

Another image that I keep of Malta is of its nice boats , the Luzzu . These traditional fishing boats colored in yellow, red, green and blue are typical of the Maltese archipelago. The bow is decorated with two eyes reminding of the ancient Greek and Phoenician ships, a sign of the strong bond of Malta with its past.
The many small fishing villages scattered around the coast are also very attractive , jewels keeping local folklore and traditions, where time seems to have stopped. Enjoy a local market wandering among the stalls covered with fine laces while in the harbor the fishermen unload the fish of the day. I am sure you too will keep this memory as one of the the most vivid and beautiful images of Malta, a lively and cheerful island that offers the perfect sea vacation along with history, culture and tradition.