To get deep into futuristic Singapore there’s nothing better then the area around its bay starting from marina Bay Sands,
the stunning complex of three skyscrapers on top of which there’s a swimming pool shaped like a boat : this alone will be enough to satiate your craving for futuristic architecture .

The complex includes a 5 star hotel , conference rooms , theatres , a super fashion shopping mall with boutiques of the most famous designers and outdoor areas adorned with fountains and flowers. Skypark , the roof terrace adjacent to the pool is definitely worth a visit, and the pool itself is gorgeous, suspended at 340 meters height with stunning views of the city skyline , but unfortunately  it’s for hotel guests only; guided visits are possible twice a day at fixed hours , ask at the ticket office .
Across the bay, at the mouth of the Singapore River , there are other fabulous office buildings and numerous bars , always full of people at any time of day. Here there’s the Fullerton, a super luxury hotel divided into two parts: on one side of the street the historic Victorian building , once the Post Office , on the other side directly on the bay a futuristic complex that includes several buildings with restaurants, bars and a trendy hotel that make the area one of the most glamorous of the city , especially at night when all the buildings are lit and the tables outside are full of managers and employees that work here, as well as many tourists enjoying the bay at night.
Not far from the complex , following the elegant wooden walkway that runs along the bay you get to the Merlion, a statue with the head of a lion and the body of the fish symbol of the city: its name derives from the merge of the word mermaid with lion . The terrace in front of the statue is a great place to take pictures of the compound of the Marina and the bay.

For a fireworks display like no other come here in the evening when all the skyscrapers light up and marina skyscrapers project beams of colored lights that dance to the rhythm of music, creating an amazing play of light. Just behind Marina Bay Sands, another stunning attraction awaits visitors: the Gardens by the Bay host two spectacular steel and glass domes , huge greenhouses where species of plants and flowers from all over the world grow. Personally I’m not a lover of greenhouses, but the domes themselves are certainly worth a visit. It is glass structures among the largest in the world ( 16,500 sqm). The “Flower Dome” reproduces the climatic conditions of the Mediterranean and tropical regions while the “Cloud Forest” those of the jungle. Both greenhouses are examples of high engineering and energy saving : the special glass used allow the solar radiation to get through and at the same time mitigates the heat of the sun while a sophisticated shading system consisting of triangular fully automated sails allows to regulate the amount of light and heat that gets through at different times of the day.

A short distance from the Botanical Gardens , another architectural marvel will leave you breathless : the Supertree Grove.These trees, from 25 to 50 meters high , are covered with ferns , orchids and vines and are equipped with a technology that reproduces trees’ biochemical process: photovoltaic cells perform the functions of photosynthesis and ventilation .If during daylight hours these spectacular trees and cool shade from the heat, at night they create an amazing show that gets you to Avatar’s world : the trees are illuminated by lights that change colour going from emerald green to red to purple. If viewed from underneath they are stunning , just go to the panoramic terraces overlooking the Tree Grove for a panoramic view that will leave you breathless : the colourful with Marina Bay and the Singapore skyline in the background. One of the most exciting metropolitan shows I’ve ever seen !