Here we are, the countdown for holidays has finally started! I’ll soon be leaving for one of those trips with a capital T, the kind of trip you get on a plane, you spend about ten hours watching movies, listening to music, reading and eating and then you find yourself on the other side of the globe, ready to discover a new land.

Not that short and medium trips are uninteresting, on the contrary, but sometimes I have a physical need to leave old Europe and get to distant countries, to throw me for a while everything behind and immerse body and soul in a new dimension, where to loose the coordinates of everyday life and let myself surprise by the country which reveals to me. 
When the plane touches the ground and the excitement skyrockets, I always wonder how the world out there will be, how are streets, houses, people, what they eat, how they sleep, if their life is similar or different to mine. 
Each trip is a little mystery that is revealed, a piece of our extraordinary world to discover and that I know from the very beginning I will carry with me forever, because the simple fact of being thousands of miles from home makes it special and unforgettable.

This year I will go back again to the Far East, which has haunted me with its warm exotic and relaxed atmosphere. My destination is Malaysia, where I’ve already been and enjoyed the magnificent beaches and sea. This time I will visit Borneo , the lush island rich in flora and fauna that extends between Peninsular Malaysia and Indonesia, stretching out to the Philippines. 

First I will stop in Sarawak , the region that according to many has maintained the spirit of the original people of this land and where nature has been preserved intact.
I will visit Kuching, the capital of the state that promises atmospheres of old Indochina, and from there I will visit  Bako National Park , which in spite of the proximity to the city is considered one of the most beautiful Borneo’s natural parks, where I hope to see orangutans.

I will then fly to Mulu National Park , a series of huge underground caves immersed in the lush tropical forest where I will delight over hanging bridges to observe the exotic wildlife and go trekking along huge caves. I will also try the thrill of hearing the sounds of the forest at night since I will stay in one of the bungalows inside the park.

I will then fly to Sabah that, although it is said to be the most exploited region of Borneo, full of huge plantations, I hope it will surprise and delight me with its fantastic islands, worldwide known for the extraordinary richness of the sea as well as for the stunning landscapes.
But the program would not be complete without a little of metropolitan world, which is why on both ways I will stop  in Singapore , an extraordinary city that I’ve visited a few years ago during a short stay , but I want toexplore better in this new journey. In just two years many new amazing buildings have been built, expression of the spirit of innovation that is the hallmark of Singapore. An extraordinarily lively and energetic city, famous not only for the futuristic and modern buildings and luxury shopping, but also for the great culinary offerings, thanks to which it has been nominated the  culinary capital of Asia.
An  exciting journey in the heart of the Far East to breathtaking metropolis and intact and wild nature. All I have to to is waiting for the countdown to end, take a deep breath, close my eyes … and leave for a new adventure!

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